Robust vocabulary resources for speech pathologists, teachers and parents

Expand a child’s vocabulary by combining direct teaching with children’s books.

A child’s vocabulary size is a strong predictor of their ability to understand and express ideas and is correlated to later reading comprehension. There is much information available on the importance of having a “good vocabulary” and how many words children are expected to understand and to use as they progress through different ages and stages.

Children who have a “good vocabulary” are generally successful and confident communicators. However, for a myriad of reasons, some children are at-risk of or have a reduced vocabulary, and the gap between them and their same-aged peers often widen over time. There is therefore a need for direct vocabulary teaching, which can be accomplished via robust vocabulary intervention.

Vertim Robust Vocabulary Resources

Who are the resources suitable for?

These time-saving resources can be used by speech pathologists, teachers and/or parents.

They are ideal for children between 3 to 7 years of age, to expand their understanding and use of vocabulary. They may also be suitable for children outside this age range, pending their language abilities, their interest in learning new words and their attention span.

The resources can be used individually as well as in groups.

What is in each resource?

Each resource supplements a specific children’s book and contains a

  • cover page
  • instructions
  • 6 or 12 picture word cards taken from the story

How do I receive the resource?

The resources are provided as an automatic download. Speech pathologists, teachers and parents can save and print the resource as needed.

The Vertim Vocabulary resources are protected by copyright. The purchaser is granted a licence to print or photocopy the resources for use with the child/ren under their care.

If a licence is purchased by a clinic, school or institution, the programs may be installed on up to 6 computers at one site.

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